We believe in serving our customers from the start of the project through completion and into daily use of the facility. We strive to “Create Customers for Life” by standing behind the products we sell as well as educating architects, consulting engineers, contractors and building owners/managers on available products, any updates to a facility's respective system, and the latest technology to creating efficient HVAC systems. Our extensive experience and expertise in HVAC equipment and replacement parts is reflected through our customers.

We serve customers throughout South Dakota as well as northwest Iowa, eastern Wyoming and Montana and Nebraska.

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  • Markets Served

    O’Connor Company sells commercial HVAC equipment and parts for commercial, educational, financial, health, and industrial facility use. Learn More

  • Commercial

    O’Connor Company is the leader in providing high quality, efficient HVAC equipment and replacement parts for a variety of commercial needs. Learn More

  • Educational

    O'Connor Company can provide affordable long-lasting HVAC equipment to meet the need of a variety of educational and institutional customers. Learn More

  • Healthcare

    The O'Connor Company team is focused on specialty HVAC systems to meet the unique challenges of healthcare environments. Learn More

  • Financial

    O'Connor Company provides HVAC equipment to suit the unique requirements of financial institutions. Learn More

  • Industrial

    O’Connor Company partners with several HVAC product lines to provide warehouses and manufacturing industries solutions to their heating and cooling needs. Learn More

  • Clientele

    ​If you’re a building owner/manger, design professional, architect, consulting engineer or contractor, you can be confident O'Connor Company is the right choice when it comes to HVAC equipment and product knowledge. Learn More

  • Building Managers

    O’Connor Company sells high quality commercial HVAC equipment as well as stocks replacement parts throughout South Dakota for fast, easy access to consumable parts. Learn More

  • Contractors

    We offer access to quality HVAC equipment and parts to commercial contractors throughout South Dakota. Learn More

  • Design Professionals

    O’Connor Company staffs and works directly with engineers to ensure successful application of equipment in the field. Learn More