Client: Casper College & University of Wyoming

Scope of Work

The Student Union building was brought about by collaboration with the University of Wyoming and Casper College. This collaboration revolves around a more consistent presence of the University of Wyoming on the campus that is in unison with Casper College students transferring to the University of Wyoming for various degrees. The University of Wyoming has been spread around Casper and the campus for more than 20 years. This building will allow their presence to be infused with the community college right here on campus. This building has a new cafeteria,

student services, and new book store which replaced old, worn out facilities.

Products Used:

  • 275 ton AAON Evap Cooled Packaged Chiller (1)
  • Armstrong Dual Arm IVS Pump (1)
  • Armstrong Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger (1)
  • Custom AAON Air Handling Units w/ Fan Wall, Heat Recovery Wheels & Factory Mounted VFDs (3)
  • Armstrong Dual Arm IVS Pumps w/ factory VFDs (3)
  • Armstrong Air Separators (1)
  • Armstrong Expansion Tanks (1)
  • Ebtron Air Flow Measuring Stations (1)