Client: Casper College & University of Wyoming

Scope of Work

The Casper College Music Hall opened in the summer of 2013 and completed an arts district for the campus. Located between the Krampert Theatre and the Goodstein Visual Arts Building, the 30,000 sq. ft. building takes up half the space of the two tier parking lot that’s currently beneath the Krampert Theatre. The building is equipped with a large lobby, doubling as an arts space and space for before/after concert activities. The buildings center is specifically designed for a musical recital with a 410 seat auditorium, state of the art acoustics and sound proofing on all rooms. The Hall ensures energy efficiency and operational savings for the decades to come with its HVAC systems that operates oil and chemical free.

Products Used:

  • AAON Evap Cooled Chiller (1)
  • Scott Springfield Custom Air Handling Units (3)
  • Armostrong Pumps (1)
  • Ebtron Air Flow Measuring Stations (1)
  • Nortec Wall Humidifiers (1)
  • (1)