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University Center

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The University Center was organized to meet the human capital needs of the greater Sioux Falls area by bringing six South Dakota Public Universities together to offer more diverse, affordable and convenient lifelong learning opportunities. Being a new construction project the University Center needed to implement HVAC systems that operated to meet their unique specifications. O’Connor Company kept two factors in mind when working with contractors and engineers to solve HVAC needs, occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Being committed to providing academic excellence, student and faculty comfort were of top priority, while keeping energy costs at a minimum. The equipment selected was a unique combination of HVAC systems offered by industry leading manufacturers that O’Connor Company proudly represents. 

HVAC Equipment, Manufacturer Wholesaler

(172) Variable Air Volume Units, (21) Fans w/ Hoods, (20) Louvers, (10) Fire/Smoke Dampers, (40) Dampers, (1) Spiral Ductwork, (1) Boiler Stack, (2) Ductless Split Systems, (2) Gas Humidifiers, (8) Airflow Measuring Stations, (2) Hoods, (2) Lab Exhaust Fans, (3) Computer Room Units, (23) Duct Mounted Heating Coils, (6) Air Handling Units, (2) Heat Recovery Coils, (1) Heat Recovery Chiller, (4) Air Handling Units, (37) Pheonix Valves, (1) Controls Install-G & R Controls, (9) Hepa Filter Fan Units, (2) Boiler Stack Dampers, (10) Vent Stacks and (2) Air Cooled Chillers.