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Black Hills Surgery Center

Rapid City, South Dakota
Black Hills Surgery Center is a general medical and surgical hospital in Rapid City, SD with 26 beds offering quality healthcare, recovery care and diagnostic imaging. The Surgery Center had the opportunity to implement HVAC systems that operated to meet their specific needs. O’Connor Company kept two factors in mind when working with contractors and engineers to incorporate systems, occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Being committed to providing excellence in healthcare, patient and staff comfort were of top priority, while keeping energy costs at a minimum. The equipment implemented for the project was a unique combination of HVAC systems offered by industry leading manufacturers that O’Connor Company proudly represents.

HVAC Equipment, Manufacturer Wholesaler

(4) Fan Coil Units, (4) Hot Water Heaters, (4) Variable Frequency Drives, (3) Steam Humidifiers, (1) Finned-Tube Radiator, (19) Radiant Ceiling Panels, (3) Strainer Valves, (2) Modulating Boilers, (1) Steam Boiler w/ Water Feed Make-Up and Blowdown Separator, (1) Steam Condensate Pump, (4) Base-Mounted Pumps, (2) In-Line Pumps, (3) Expansion Tanks, (4) Vibration Isolators, (8) Pump Connectors, (1) Surge Tank, (2) Water Expansion Tanks and (2) High Capacity Air Vents.