Helping Schools Go Green

Recently O'Connor Company was recognized for it's green efforts in supplying O'Gorman School with green HVAC equipment. Please see below for the full KSFY news story.

OGorman_Go_Green.JPGThe plain green conference is all about sustainability. In the weeks leading up to the event, KSFY is highlighting projects and businesses around the community demonstrating a  commitment to that goal.

This week, we stopped by O'Gorman High School for a look at the handiwork of O'Connor Co.

O'Connor Co. has installed some of the greenest HVAC equipment on the market in the school,  including it's boiler, pumps and chiller, which requires no oil.

Company president Mike O'Connor explains why this is a great investment. "It will be just as efficient 20 years from now, as it was when we turned it on. A typical machine like this has oil in it, and after the first year, it's already 8-12% less efficient than this machine will be," said O'Connor.

In addition to the heating and cooling, O'Gorman had the company install a condenser water system that doesn't require chemicals- just occasional monitoring- to keep it clean.

"It seems we're using chemicals in everything we do these days. The less the personnel at O'Gorman has to handle the chemicals, I think the better off everybody will be," said O'Connor.

The Plain Green Conference is an annual event. Click here for more information.