Daikin McQuay Announces Custom Air Handlers

ENE_crt_c.jpgWe are pleased to announce the launch of Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handler product line. Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handlers are positioned to allow sales of air handlers into applications where typically the engineer only wants to use “custom” or “semi-custom” air handlers.  By creating a “new” custom air handler product offering we are providing the opportunity to offer Daikin McQuay air handler in applications where currently Vision or Skyline air handlers are excluded for consideration because they are thought of as a commercial, standard or catalog air handler.  Our current air handler offering (Vision and Skyline) is commonly applied in “custom” applications.  This marketing effort will allow us to increase the number of applications where Daikin McQuay air handlers can be the basis of design.

Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handlers include all of the standard options currently being offered.  In addition to the standard options, Daikin McQuay continues to expand the special options, which recently have included Outdoor Side-by-Side Energy Wheels and Walk-in Vestibules.  The Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handlers are positioned to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  One product line will be used for both applications.  With the launch of the Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handler, we will also no longer be using the tradename “Vision Plus”.